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Welcome to My motto:
"You have received freely, freely give"
(Matthew 10:8)

Charles Pallaghy founder of

I welcome all in whom the life of Christ is expressed regardless of creed or denomination. One of my main purposes  is to foster Christian unity in accordance with the desire of the Lord Jesus as expressed in His prayer to the Father in John Chapter 17. My intention is to build up your faith in the Word of God.

I desire to lift up the life of Jesus Christ in all that I write and share the fellowship God has granted me by revealing His Word especially in relation to the creation and end-times. As friends of God, He wants to share His intentions and purposes with us as we enter the last generation that awaits His return.          

                                                                                             Charles Pallaghy, CEO creation6000.

If you are interested in a more succinct  website designed for high school students I would recommend "Eternity" ( authored by Hank deVries, an Australian teacher residing in Queensland. I have particularly enjoyed his item on "Prophecy Today".

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