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I thank God and all my supporters


Firstly, I thank the many Churches and leaders who have taught me Bible-truths, even before I became a committed Christian in 1976. Many of their teachings have indelibly become a part of me, even to the use of their terminologies and phrases. I feel justified to say that I am a composite of many churches, which is probably the reason why I was never fully accepted at any church when I expressed views that did not 'toe the company line'. I thank God because it has given me liberty to express God's heart on matters, and especially when veiled practices of double standards came to my attention.

I also thank my close supporters, especially my wife Milena, daughter Jenny Farrell for proof reading and making adjustments to the the biology articles, family and grandchildren for suggestions and help with computer skills, and Kamin my grandson for the fancy footwork in early preparations of this website. My special thanks go to Phil Baird for his guest articles on the Creative and the Redemptive Weeks (Articles 13 and 14 on The true Age of the Earth) and to John Seamons for his hours of labour correcting my grammar and punctuation (which is still underway).

Thirdly,  I thank which allowed us to construct this website. My thanks also cover my sister website .All photographs have been duly acknowledged, except those provided free by and those I purchased from Shutterstock and Bigstock through the Wix web builder. I have left those unmarked and their copyrights will no doubt belong to according to arrangements they have made.

My everlasting gratitude goes to John Seamons for editing and proofreading both of my websites and my Kindle book "Supernatural Visions and Dreams: Personal Experiences".

Finally,  my website designer Nina Botti did a very fine and conscientious job. Website by

Churches and elderships that have affected me in important ways, some much more than others, but all were important:
Lutheran Church, Friedrichroda, Germany - grandfather was the pastor
Lutheran Church, Stuttgart, Germany – first read the  abridged Old and New Testaments there
St. Bedes Catholic Primary School, Mentone, Australia
German Lutheran Church, East Melbourne, Australia - mother was deaconess
Anglican Church, East Melbourne, Australia - first solid Sunday School at age 12
Hungarian Reformed Church, Fitzroy, Australia - father was caretaker
Lutheran Church, Hobart, Australia
Lutheran Church, Canberra, Australia
Calvary Lutheran Church, Greensborough, Australia - wife was a founding member
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bundoora, Australia -  the Old Testament was true after all!
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Haslett, Michigan, USA
Immanuel church, Canterbury, Australia -  my first technicolour vision regarding unity
Brethren Church, Norwich, UK
Trinity Reformed Church, Norwich, UK
Hungarian Pentecostal Church, Oakleigh, Australia
Virginia Charismatic Churches, Virginia, USA
Melbourne Christian Fellowship, Wonga Park, Australia
Life Ministry Church, Chirnside Park, Australia
​Evelyn Ridge Christian Fellowship, Mount Evelyn, Australia

Catholic Church, some amazing nuns in particular, Australia and USA

Key persons from the following churches also greatly affected my beliefs and faith:
Hungarian Reformed Churches, Fitzroy and North Fitzroy, Australia
Presbyterian Church, Bundoora, Australia
Coptic Church, personal discussions with Bishop of Egypt
Assemblies of God, Australia
Salvation Army, USA and Australia
Anglican Church, Maryland, USA
Wesleyan and Methodist Churches, Australia
Jewish Messianic Ministries, Bethesda, USA, and through TV
Seattle Christian Fellowship, Federal Way, Washington, USA
John Leslie, Gallup Christian Fellowship, New Mexico, USA
Jeff and Annette Hammond, Australian Missionaries to Indonesia

Hal Oxley, Life Ministry Church, Chirnside Park, Australia
Numerous TV Evangelists, World-Wide

Major books that have influenced me - there are many others that could be cited:
Conner KJ. 1980. The Feasts of Israel. Acacia Press Pty Ltd, Blackburn, Australia
Conner KJ. 1988. The Temple of Solomon. K.J.C. Publications, Blackburn South, Australia
Conner KJ. 1991. The Tabernacle of Moses. Acacia Press Pty Ltd, Blackburn, Australia

Conner KJ. 1992. Interpreting the Symbols and the Types. Completely Revised and Expanded. Copyright. Bible Temple Publishing, USA. Printed by SRM Production Services SdnBhd, Malaysia
Conner KJ. 2002. The Epistle of Jude. An Exposition. Vermont, Australia
Hall V. 2014. An Introduction to Bible Prophecy. Focusing on the Seventh World Kingdom. Vision One Inc. Toowoomba, Australia
Hall V,  Falk D, and Baker D. 2014. The Highway of Holiness. Vision One Inc, Toowoomba, Australia. A later one on the Lampstand was withdrawn.
Hammond J. 2013. New Wine: Becoming Like Jesus.
Metanoia Publishing, Jakarta, Indonesia
Harvey (Hammond) J and Pallaghy C. 1985. The Bible and Science. Acacia Press Pty Ltd, Blackburn, Australia

Offiler WH. 1946. God and His Bible or Harmonies of Divine Revelation. Bethel Temple, Inc., Seattle, Washington

Oxley, H. 2018. End Day Prophecy. Limited Print. Life Ministry Church, Chirnside Park, Australia

Oxley, H. 2020. Being: What God Wants You to be. Limited Print. Life Ministry Church, Chirnside Park, Australia

Pallaghy CK. 2020. Supernatural Visions and Dreams: Personal Experiences. Amazon e-book or print on demand.
Sevener HA. 1996. Israel's Glorious Future. The Prophecies and Promises of God Revealed. Chosen People Ministries, Inc. Canada and USA. Although I appreciated the first part of this book, the second part is quite erroneous. A clear warning bell for the reader should be on page 69 where Sevener, writing as a Messianic Jew,  describes how Ezekiel's Temple will be operational during the 1000-year Kingdom Age (The Millenium), and will have an area set aside for animal sacrifices. In that case, Jesus died in vain!

Warnock GH. 1951. The Feast of Tabernacles. A marvelous overview of the glorious future of the church in end-times. Out of print but available for download on a website dedicated to the writings of George H. Warnock (

A series of booklets
by Seedlife Publications (Forest Glen, Australia) with multiple contributors

Understanding  the Prophetic Scriptures. Behold He is  Coming with Clouds. (2002 – 2006).
Vol 1.      Introduction to Bible Prophecy
Vol 2.     Through the Eye of an Eagle
Vol 3.     The Seven Times Prophecy
Vol 4.     Not issued
Vol 5.     The Seventy Week Prophecy
Vol 6.     The Second Coming of Christ
Vol 7.     The Times of Restoration
Citations are generally from the Modern King James Version. Please check your favourite translations for your own satisfaction.


Articles and illustrations on this site are copyrighted to in order to maintain their integrity, except where purchased images are owned by companies as indicated.  Photographs without a credit indicated were provided free by or purchased from Shutterstock or Bigstock available through the Wix website builder.
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