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This Thing is of Me        

       Sung  by Peter Van Zuylen below


Sometimes we face trials and tribulations

That will bring us to our knees

They will often make us stumble

But there is someone who sees


He is acquainted with trials and temptations

He is that man of peace

Understands what you and I go through

In our times of  pain and grief


Reaches out to touch and comfort

The moment we believe

He wants to teach us precious answers

Of love, mercy and understanding

To bring to us relief


He says to those who love Him

This thing is of Me

To equip you with My strength and power

That’s when you will see


The reasons, whys and wherefores

All I ask is for you to believe

My grace is all sufficient

It's enough for every trial

My child, know that this thing is of Me

My child, know that this thing is of Me

video©Peter van Zuylen

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