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Faith and Grace


I have a son and daughter who are much more interested in the details and 'nuts and bolts' of creation science than I am at the age of seventy nine. What I provide on creation science is sufficient to believe. For specific details there are on-line or hard copy magazines and journals provided by creation science organizations that cater for a wide range of readers, such as for example, or or or John Leslie on However, my site is unique in many respects .

Speaking for myself, my  reason for publishing this site is because the Lord told me to. He never does anything without purpose. I shall rest in Him and may He use it for His glory. It's all about Jesus. I feel no obligation to cite references apart from Scripture. Much of my material is self-evident.


I take solace in my approach, because the Pharisees and the populace in Jerusalem were stunned to hear the bold preaching of Jesus and the apostles. Everyone knew that they were unlearned men, four of them fishermen by trade. As Jesus said when He specially appeared to Thomas, 'Thomas, because you have seen Me you have believed. Blessed are they who have not seen and have believed'. (John 20:29). And then again, 'But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a re-warder of those who diligently seek Him' (Hebrews 11:6).


I have  taken opportunity to recount the many times the Lord saved me from certain death or serious injury before I even became a Christian (Top Menu 'God's Grace').  They describe events in pre-war and post-war Europe, and my time in Australia as a young man.  I was born-again early  Easter Monday morning in 1976 when I was woken up in bed to experience a spectacular conversion to Christ along the lines described in Acts chapter 2. Naturally, I haven't been the same since.

I give credit to my wife Milena who has been loyal to me through the difficult years. Listed under the same menu, I describe a portion of her Christian walk under the title, 'My Wife Milena'.



Yes, most definitely, Jesus is about to come a second time.


An elderly person recently shared with me their dismay at what is happening in the world. He was concerned with downward spiraling  social issues, home invasions and street crimes facing the younger generations, but then added that he is glad that Jesus is coming again. He will fix everything up, he confidently said. This man is waiting for Jesus to fix everything. I suspect he was talking about his own concerns as well, but didn’t admit it.


Well, my friends, unfortunately Jesus is not coming again to fix everything up!  When He comes it will be too late to fix everything up. He is coming this time to reap the harvest, to burn up the chaff and gather the grain into His barn. Please carefully listen to the parable He shared about the kingdom of God. He said that every net catches good fish and bad fish. At the end of the harvest the angels will pick out the bad fish the church caught and throw them away, as fishermen also were accustomed to do in the old days to manure their gardens.


The second time He is coming with the Father to judge the world. Too late to run! Read it in the gospels. Read it in the epistles. Read it in the book of Revelation. Read it in the Old Testament. What did He say to the five virgins who hadn’t prepared themselves for His coming? He shut the door in their faces.


What did Abraham say to the rich man in torment on the other side of the gulf that separated them? The rich man, suddenly concerned for others, wanted Abraham to send someone back to earth to warn his brothers. What did Abraham say? 'Even if a man returned from the dead to warn them they will not listen. They have the Prophets and the words of Moses. Let them listen to them'!


If you are waiting for Jesus to return and fix everything up, then let this mind be in you. The Holy Spirit has given faithful churches as a safe refuge from the damnation that will come upon the earth. Choose your church carefully, one that preaches truth and not fables that please the fantasies of men and women who have chosen a god of their own imagination. Yes, God loves and forgives, but He also hates sin. It’s very clear in the Bible what and whom He hates and whom He will give over to damnation unless they repent.


Let me tell you a brief story about an evil king of Israel whose city was about to be ravaged by the king of Babylon. In His love, God sent a prophet to the king and warned him about the continuing evil in Israel. Israel knew that every seventh year (the Sabbatical Year) the Israelites were to set their fellow Hebrew slaves free. It is significant that they did not have to set the gentile slaves free - only the Hebrew slaves, their own kin (A reflection of the fate of unbelievers and believers today because of sin). (See the differences between Sabbatical Year, the 7th year, the Jubilee Year and the 7th Sabbatical year of the 50 year cycles  -


The nation had not obeyed God for years. So the king and the rich nobility promised in the house of God that they would free their slaves during the Sabbatical Year. In return, according to His mercy, God would allow Israel not to be killed but to be taken prisoners by the Babylonians. If Israel surrendered to Babylon they  were going to be well treated by their captors. Not long after having promised to obey, the nobility began to miss their servants. Having regretted their action to release the Hebrew bond-slaves, they decided to ensnare them once again into slavery by force. So the Lord sent the prophet again. However, this time, because the nobility had gone back on their word, God said that He now would go back on His word of mercy too! So Zedekiah the king had his sons killed before his eyes by the king of Babylon and he himself was blinded. He and his family were taken away in chains. God has laid conditions before us too, even in the New Testament!

Have you ever noticed in the New Testament that many of God's promises were conditional? If they will repent, if they... and so on.


Therefore run into the arms of Jesus now. He has prepared a table for us in the midst of our enemies - His flesh and blood in the communion table. That is where we have to run. Didn’t He say, ‘Unless you eat of my flesh and blood there is no life in you’. There is no other way. He has already prepared all things for you if you will obey His commandments! The ball is in our half of the court.

I conclude my introduction with a melody played on the keyboard by Peter van Zuylen - 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus'

                   The Lyrics
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
There's just something about that Name,
Master, Saviour, Jesus,
Like fragrance after the rain.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Let all heaven and earth proclaim,
Kings and kingdoms will all pass away,
But there's something about that Name 
sung by Peter van Zuylen composed by Bill & Gloria Gaither
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