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'The Way of the Cross'

By Charles Pallaghy, Australia 2017

The Spirit speaks

I Ruah Elohim speak

Another gasp

I faint

I dare not

I have something to say

I cannot

My mouth is dry

My tongue

It will not move

I thirst

I cannot see

Ah yes

There she is

Father God

I gasp

I shudder

Another breath

I cannot feel

There she is

I see her now

Mary, Mary

I must speak

She is all alone

Mary, John

I stammer forth

Ah its done

I feel relief

My love for her is beyond belief

What had I done

It had to be

The Father is beating me!    


Obedience of Jesus

A poem revealed to me by the Spirit this very morning on wakening, 29 December, 2017

It behoves us, no, more than that, it is our duty to remember that, every time Jesus flinched on the cross, it was the Father beating Him into total surrender. Not My will, but Yours be done. It pleased the Father to bruise Him,

'Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief' (Isaiah 53:10, King James Version).

The lampstand or candlestick, in the Holy Place, was fashioned from one lump of gold, beaten by many blows into shape. As Jesus explained in the book of Revelations to the apostle John, the lampstand, with its seven lamps, is the church. It is the only light of the world in a dark place. The lampstand symbolised the body of Christ. Like Jesus, it too shall be bruised and beaten into shape. It is Abba love, the Father's love, given to a world that is perishing.

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