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In September 2020 I had a dream that confirmed why God knew best when my sister passed away three weeks earlier. After reading this I hope that you too will agree that God always knows best in all matters. Let it become an encouragement to have an even greater trust in the Lord.

I dreamt that I put down a deposit, signed the contract and settled payment on a lovely wooden house at an amazingly low price. As I was moving in the estate agent said that I would have to give the house back because he had forgotten that he had a previous buyer. So I sadly gave the house back and received all my money back only to find, sometime later, that the estate agent had moved into the house himself with his red furniture. I looked at the fine print on my contract and found that the house legally belonged to me. The agent had to move out and return possession of the cottage to me.

This dream has great prophetic implications to what shall be ‘legally’ returned to us at the Second Coming because we are

Private Property

covered by the blood of the covenant (Genesis 3:21).  When mankind lost our first Eden through Satan’s deceit the Lord had already in mind a pathway for us to repossess what we threw away through Adam and Eve. God remembers. Right now, however, let me tell you how this dream relates to my sister’s salvation as well.

Three weeks ago my sister passed away. Years earlier I tried to discuss Jesus with her and her husband but her husband got immensely offended and angry. I had not been allowed therefore, by her husband, to talk to her for the past 15 - 20 years though the two of us managed to at least exchange greeting cards on special occasions. I was never allowed to call her on the phone but had to wait for hers which never came. Not having received a card for more than 9 months, not even for Christmas or Easter, I assumed that she had passed away. Then a phone call came from my niece whom I also had not been allowed to contact. She was sweet and gentle asking whether I could reminisce about my teenage years with my sister. My sister would not be able to talk but only listen while the phone was being held to her ear. I was instructed not to talk about church. My niece, chuckling as my monologue continued, indicated that my sister was reacting to everything I said. I ended by saying that God loves her and that we all love her.

Wall of Reflection.JPG

Four days later my niece rang again to say that my sister had passed away from the cancer she had been battling for 18 months. I reacted with stunned silence but was at peace and experienced no grief. After we had a lovely conversation I went to the bathroom with my mind in a whirl, but then the Lord spoke to me in a strong but silent inner voice, “Don’t worry. She’s with me”. What a relief. My sister had been a ‘church girl’ in her teens and my mention of God’s love must have flooded memories into her mind to enable her to seek forgiveness for all the wasted years, traveling widely and mixing with worldly people, to finally receive salvation.

I gained two lessons out of this experience. Firstly, probably no amount of talking on my part over those years would have brought her salvation because she didn’t have an ear to hear. Secondly, that Satan had swindled her out of her first relationship with Jesus and God found the best way to bring her back to Himself. So all those years of heartache and agony, when I wasn’t allowed to talk to my sister, God redeemed in the most perfect way. God’s ways are perfect. When Satan thought that he had finally killed off the Son of God he didn’t realize that God had a legal loophole, from before the creation and through the blood, to resurrect His Son that Satan was unaware of (1Peter 1:18-20); much like the house that I received back in the dream. Satan is a thief and a deceiver.

I ought to mention that nine months before my sister died Val Vander-Velde visited us to be filmed for my YouTube series Going My Way? Part 9.  As we talked over a cup of tea I mentioned the tragic relationship I had with my sister’s family. As soon as I mentioned our situation Val had a vision of my sister trapped in a spider’s web (photo Jiri Mikolas/ That inspired us to pray for her release. Since my sister’s passing my niece and nephew have drawn a little closer but not significantly. Who knows what the Lord might do even with my brother-in-law? Satan has ensnared them all. The problem may be that the family has a lot of money at their disposal. Nevertheless, what was meant for evil the Lord turned into good (Genesis 50:20). We need to be patient.


The following was my last card from Elisabeth. She was 85 and passed away on her birthday. In Hungarian Kẚlim means ‘My Kali’. Kali is my pet name. There was no mention of her cancer which would have caused me to rush over against their wishes. No doubt, it was better that I didn’t.


When we suffer and are disappointed because God doesn’t seem to answer our prayers it’s because He has a better way forward! He knows precisely how to defeat the enemy.

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