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Elias Hope Ministries, Mwanza, Tanzania

This mission has no website so allow me to tell you about them and how they have been helping orphans and widows over the last five years. Their plight in the past has been largely caused by deaths through AIDS.


Instructions on how to donate are given at the bottom of this page.


Who are they? They do not have a web site so let me explain:

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Pamela Tatum writes, "I am cofounder of Elias Hope Ministries along with Elia Nixon Lyoto, an ordained Baptist Pastor who received his Diploma of Theology in Uganda.  I live in Texas USA.  I and my husband are members of Crestmont Church at Burleson. I joyfully served at the church for several years as the Missions Committee Chairwoman working also with children and our youth. During this time I had the privilege of visiting Africa. After three visits it became my passion to minister to children in Tanzania. I met Elia and his father, Nixon, who is the Senior Pastor of the Nyakabungo Baptist Church in Mwanza. Elia himself lives away from the city in Nyarwigo village surrounded by many orphans and widows whom he is unable to help at the present time because all his effort is concentrated at his father’s church due to stringent funding.

I discovered that both the church and Elia’s family were very poor yet were ministering to orphans and widows not only with the gospel, but also with daily necessities from their own meagre budgets. The local community has benefited greatly through their work as you will see and read below. I organized online giving through Crestmont Baptist Church in 2013 with the permission of Pastor Ron Brown. All donations to Elias Hope are specifically designated to the mission with regular reports on how the money is being spent in Tanzania."

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Elia's testimony. "I love sharing the gospel with adults and children many of whom have been converted to Christ. I show films about Jesus and, apart from teaching them about Christ, I take them on short excursions. We also have help from a number of volunteers from the church.


My wife is a teacher at a nursery school, but to supplement our income I sell peanuts and try to sell my paintings (the one on this home page, for example), and do posters as well as painting walls.

Our ministry feeds all children who attend but on Sundays only because we cannot afford to do more.  They are fed porridge in the morning, then rice and beans after church. Occasionally, as funds allow, we have been providing them with all the services shown below in accordance with our mission statement":

"Giving hope to orphans, and vulnerable and disabled children by providing medical care, education and spiritual development".


· Pay the tuition fees for little James to attend a special school for children    with disabilities.·

· To create awareness among children and communities concerning children’s  health issues like home hygiene and water source maintenance, training members in all  preventive measures concerning health related problems in schools and communities.

· Buy mattresses for Elia’s Hope children.

· Provide more food for Elia’s children and families.

· Helping all widows find jobs or to provide start-up funds to start their own small  businesses such as selling food or dress making.
· Providing more help to local street kids, by providing more food .

· Continue outreach to our neighbours .

· To make available nurses and medical volunteers.

· To seek, screen and train volunteers.

· To network with Agencies/NGOs working with orphans, needy, vulnerable and disabled children for mutual benefits and referral support.


An ultimate goal is to construct a home for orphans.

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Prayer 1.png

Prayer for the needy with amazing results

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Street kids

How to donate: Open

Click on Giving in menu then pull down menu under "general" to specify Elia's Hope and proceed.

If you live in the USA fill out your name and address. Crestmont will send you a tax statement so you can write it off on your taxes. Thank you to all who have given. We appreciate your kindness. Blessings to you all!

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