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Introducing a delightful new book for small children. Imagine what happens when a young family buy a live goldfish at the local agricultural show and bring him home to a house already in possession of a large, curious and playful ginger cat, KC. This event actually happened in my daughter's house.

The book is available online in various formats. Type the title and Jenny Farrel in your browser for various options.

Up out of Egypt 

        by Helen Marsh

“Up out of Egypt” is a personal story, an autobiography which tells of a troubled teenager, looking for love in all the wrong places. Helen was a rebellious girl, who, from the age of 12, was searching for acceptance. This resulted in a pregnancy at the age of 14 and the adoption of that child. The story tells of the heartbreak of giving up her baby and the continued search for love to fill her empty arms.  Pregnant again at 15, and married at 16, the struggle now moves to teenage marriage and the birth of three children in three years. It also tells of new life in Christ at 32 and how He taught Helen to develop a loving, successful marriage; to override her insecurities and believe that God would enable her to all He called her to do. 

Throughout the story there is a thread which holds together, the story of adoption, the search for the adoptee to find her birth mother, her success and the ultimate outcome of that relationship.


It is the story of letting go the painful past and looking forward to a new tomorrow. Up out of Egypt reveals God’s Grace, forgiveness, redemption and reconciliation. It is a story of His redeeming love.


This story will be one of hope and encouragement to the reader in many areas of their lives, i.e. the teenage years, marriage, depression, those seeking Christ, parents who have family members who have gone astray, and those who have experienced adoption.


Where to purchase:


Up out of Egypt is available in hard copy at all good book stores including Koorong Books across Australia or on Helen’s website


EBook is available through Apple Ibooks and Amazon and many others. The photo is of happy grandchildren at the book launch!

An Australian product for Australians - On display at participating outdoor and bbq retailers
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