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August/September 2020.  The coming of Spring cheers all of us up here in Melbourne, Australia.


Wattle trees

Ornamental pear


Colourful garden beds

March/June 2020.  The covid-19 period. Australia and New Zealand have succeeded extremely well in containing this virus but the city where I live, Melbourne, has recently seen hot spots arising once again. Until the lesson that God is trying to teach sinks in we shall continue to experience difficulties world wide.

Some before and after covid-19 photos. The first two photos, including the lovely red gum,  are from just before lockdown.


Heading 6

Sorrento Victoria

Arthur's Seat, Victoria

But there was also much joy when we saw a pair of eagles on a short trip.  We went for a short drive to Arthur's Seat on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  Near the top the view of a lonely ship on the sea  reminded me of the days of Noah and that disaster will strike just as suddenly at the Second Coming of Jesus "But as the days of Noah were, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man" (Matthew 24:37).

To my amazement two wedge-tailed eagles glided by. I have included three close up photos of the same species which live in the trees behind us (photos of eagles taken by Ken Cowling who lives in the same retirement village).

These eagles were photographed by Ken Cowling at Evelyn Ridge, adjacent to our retirement village in Mt. Evelyn, Victoria

January/February 2020.  These are some of my favourite photos from Phillip Island and San Remo in Victoria. Melbourne has had a mix of very hot and very rainy days. The landscape has remained remarkably green. Mary's husband, Jamie designed the 'Marylou', had it built in China and then sailed it back to Melbourne through two typhoons.  The Koala sanctuary we visited is housing a few Koalas saved from the severe Australian bush-fires.

August/December 2019.  My apologies for not updating sooner.  Much has happened since winter. We are in the heat of summer now with forest fires raging in four Australian states. I start off with our window decorations for Christmas and our visit to an extensive 'Cactus Garden' in northern Victoria. I pity the rider who falls off his/her horse on one of these cacti. Can any one name the cactus with the mushroom-like flower on which flies feed at the center? These are followed by John Leslie's montage of woodpeckers frequenting his backyard. They recently had 4 inches of snow in New Mexico. John gave a cute description of a woodpecker trying to crack through the ice to get a drink. John is giving them a helping hand.

June/July 2019.  Its winter in Melbourne and time for winter activities when the sun comes out, or if you prefer, just to stay indoors in a shopping mall or snooze at home. I came across two cute girls having lunch on their own in the food mall.

April/May 2019.  Magnificent Great Danes and their friendly owners only too glad to be photographed in Croydon. Then three cats we baby-sat for two weeks (cute but a lot of work), followed by Easter preparations with traditional Czech  Easter buns and granddaughter Kristi as chief baker. Mother's Day unwrapping of gifts (Therese and Milena), and autumn truly setting in at home (grandson Marcus). Autumn sunrise over a placid bay - bleak but a beautiful memory for my son (who camped with the family on the Rosebud foreshore). Callous thieves plundered the adjacent caravan and another neighbour. Tents were slit.

MARCH/APRIL 2019. These months started off with the hospitalization of my wife for a week and then four hospital visits for me because of a very painful kidney stone. Yesterday's surgery removed it but I still have a stent leading to my kidney which stings my urinary tract rather painfully, but the severe pain is gone. Praise God. Morphine was not strong enough, so the ambulances gave me opioids 100 times more powerful.  I experienced my personal Gethsemane while writhing on our carpet waiting for the ambulances and procedures over the next three weeks.  I really did participate in the sufferings of Christ as the apostle Paul said we would. The  cute poster shown  greeted me in the surgery waiting room at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne.

The Lord intervened and saved me from potential disaster.  Following the laser treatment, while still a little groggy, I needed to urgently pass water but found what I thought was leftover  rubbish from the operating table clinging to my thigh. I grabbed a strip on my thigh and was about to yank it away but I am positive an angel of the Lord stopped me right there. I hesitated and decided to have a closer look. It was a string coming out of me taped to the inside of my thigh. It was there to enable the surgeon to pull out the stent from my kidney at a later date. Had I yanked it away roughly as I was going to do I would have disastrously damaged my insides, and would have had to go through another operation. The nurses were shocked that they had not been warned that I would have a fine cord protruding in a coil. I did not hesitate to gently tell the urologists about their lack of communication, regardless of the fine attention and rooms I was given in both hospitals that I attended, Maroondah and Box Hill Hospitals. All treatments were free for pensioners! Although I strongly believe in divine healing, and have experienced some in my own body following prayer, it seems to me that in regions where there is good medical care the Lord wants us to use them, but occasionally does provide miracles of healing   because He loves us and promised that healing is the children's bread. He has healed my headaches, backaches, and knee and leg problems, and unequal leg length in the past. But on other occasions I have to seek medical help and take pills. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He knows what's best each time. I have since learned to give thanks for everything trusting Him who started a good work in me.


We follow with sunrises photographed in New Mexico and at my home in Mount Evelyn, followed by a cotton wool cloud formation over our retirement village. The apple orchard and wood stack  was photographed in nearby Powell town, a famous pioneering timber town that used to have wooden railway tracks over extremely rough terrain to carry the massive logs on bare railway bogeys. Finally we took a gondola ride down Arthur's Seat on Port Phillip Bay which is the entrance to the Port of Melbourne where ships have to zig-zag because of the many sand banks.

January/February 2019 - Firstly, photos taken on Feb 16th at the Franklin Graham Crusade at the Melbourne Arena, home of the Australian Tennis Open. Hundreds gave their lives to Christ. I was a prayer volunteer to men. Others were appointed to minister to women or children according to gender and children's care qualifications. More details following the photos.

Daughter-in-law seating arrivals.

November/December 2018 - The beauty of Australia as we toured Broome, Perth, Surfers Paradise and Port Macquarie! We saw the dolphin stunt at Sea World, Surfers Paradise.




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